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Called when trying to connect to a Server.

This is only available in the Menu state because this is called before the Client State has even started.
When this is event is called, it will reset engine.TickCount back to 1.


string address
The Server address. Will be localhost:27015 in hosted games.
number ip
The IP of the Server. Will be 16777343 in hosted games. Use the address instead of this.
number port
The port of the Server. Will be 27015 in hosted games.
string source
The Source why the client is trying to connect to the Server.
If you use connect [IP:Port] to connect to a Server, this will be an empty string.



This is a basic template with the purpose of including all arguments / table variables to make it easily known which values can be accessed. This Binary Module has been used.

require("gameevent") -- using a Binary Module because the Menu State doesn't has gameevent.Listen gameevent.Listen( "client_beginconnect" ) hook.Add( "client_beginconnect", "client_beginconnect_example", function( data ) local address = data.address // The Server address. local ip = data.ip // The Server IP. Use the address instead! local port = data.port // The Server Port. local source = data.source // The Source, why the client is connecting to the Server. // Called when trying to connect to aServer. end )