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  constraint.AddConstraintTableNoDelete( Entity ent1, Entity constrt, Entity ent2 = nil, Entity ent3 = nil, Entity ent4 = nil )


This is used internally - although you're able to use it you probably shouldn't.

Stores info about the constraints on the entity's table.

The only difference between this and constraint.AddConstraintTable is that the constraint does not get deleted when the entity is removed.


1 Entity ent1
The entity to store the information on.
2 Entity constrt
The constraint to store in the entity's table.
3 Entity ent2 = nil
Optional. If different from ent1, the info will also be stored in the table for this entity.
4 Entity ent3 = nil
Optional. Same as ent2.
5 Entity ent4 = nil
Optional. Same as ent2.