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  duplicator.DoGeneric( Entity ent, table data )


"Applies generic every-day entity stuff for ent from table data."

Depending on the values of Model, Angle, Pos, Skin, Flex, Bonemanip, ModelScale, ColGroup, Name, and BodyG (table of multiple values) in the data table, this calls Entity:SetModel, Entity:SetAngles, Entity:SetPos, Entity:SetSkin, duplicator.DoFlex, duplicator.DoBoneManipulator, Entity:SetModelScale, Entity:SetCollisionGroup, Entity:SetName, Entity:SetBodygroup on ent.

If ent has a RestoreNetworkVars function, it is called with data.DT.


1 Entity ent
The entity to be applied upon
2 table data
The data to be applied onto the entity

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