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An object that represents a ladder for Nextbots.


CNavLadder:ConnectTo( CNavArea area )
Connects this ladder to a CNavArea with a one way connection. ( From this ladder to the target area ). See CNavArea:ConnectTo for making the connection from area to ladder.
CNavLadder:Disconnect( CNavArea area )
Disconnects this ladder from given area in a single direction.
Vector CNavLadder:GetBottom()
Returns the bottom most position of the ladder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetBottomArea()
Returns the bottom area of the CNavLadder.
number CNavLadder:GetID()
Returns this CNavLadders unique ID.
number CNavLadder:GetLength()
Returns the length of the ladder.
Vector CNavLadder:GetNormal()
Returns the direction of this CNavLadder. ( The direction in which players back will be facing if they are looking directly at the ladder )
Vector CNavLadder:GetPosAtHeight( number height )
Returns the world position based on given height relative to the ladder.
Vector CNavLadder:GetTop()
Returns the topmost position of the ladder.
Returns the top behind CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
Returns the top forward CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
Returns the top left CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
Returns the top right CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
number CNavLadder:GetWidth()
Returns the width of the ladder in Hammer Units.
boolean CNavLadder:IsConnectedAtSide( CNavArea navArea, number navDirType )
Returns whether this CNavLadder has an outgoing ( one or two way ) connection to given CNavArea in given direction.
boolean CNavLadder:IsValid()
Returns whether this CNavLadder is valid or not.
Removes the given nav ladder.
CNavLadder:SetBottomArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the bottom area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopBehindArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top behind area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopForwardArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top forward area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopLeftArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top left area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopRightArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top right area of the CNavLadder.