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An object that represents a ladder for Nextbots.


CNavLadder:ConnectTo( CNavArea area )
Connects this ladder to a CNavArea with a one way connection. ( From this ladder to the target area ). See CNavArea:ConnectTo for making the connection from area to ladder.
CNavLadder:Disconnect( CNavArea area )
Disconnects this ladder from given area in a single direction.
Vector CNavLadder:GetBottom()
Returns the bottom most position of the ladder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetBottomArea()
Returns the bottom area of the CNavLadder.
number CNavLadder:GetID()
Returns this CNavLadders unique ID.
number CNavLadder:GetLength()
Returns the length of the ladder.
Vector CNavLadder:GetNormal()
Returns the direction of this CNavLadder. ( The direction in which players back will be facing if they are looking directly at the ladder )
Vector CNavLadder:GetPosAtHeight( number height )
Returns the world position based on given height relative to the ladder.
Vector CNavLadder:GetTop()
Returns the topmost position of the ladder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetTopBehindArea()
Returns the top behind CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetTopForwardArea()
Returns the top forward CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetTopLeftArea()
Returns the top left CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
CNavArea CNavLadder:GetTopRightArea()
Returns the top right CNavArea of the CNavLadder.
number CNavLadder:GetWidth()
Returns the width of the ladder in Hammer Units.
boolean CNavLadder:IsConnectedAtSide( CNavArea navArea, number navDirType )
Returns whether this CNavLadder has an outgoing ( one or two way ) connection to given CNavArea in given direction.
boolean CNavLadder:IsValid()
Returns whether this CNavLadder is valid or not.
Removes the given nav ladder.
CNavLadder:SetBottomArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the bottom area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopBehindArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top behind area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopForwardArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top forward area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopLeftArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top left area of the CNavLadder.
CNavLadder:SetTopRightArea( CNavArea area )
Sets the top right area of the CNavLadder.

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