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Unlike Enums/BUTTON_CODE, these enums are abstracted to allow the user to bind actions to any key they might prefer.

Keybinds using these actions work with two console commands, one starting with a plus and one with a minus symbol. A key press or release will call either the plus or minus command, adding or removing the corresponding enum in the current CUserCmd.

Enumerations used by:


IN_ATTACK1+attack bound key ( Default: Left Mouse Button )
IN_JUMP2+jump bound key ( Default: Space )
IN_DUCK4+duck bound key ( Default: CTRL )
IN_FORWARD8+forward bound key ( Default: W )
IN_BACK16+back bound key ( Default: S )
IN_USE32+use bound key ( Default: E )
IN_LEFT128+left bound key ( Look left )
IN_RIGHT256+right bound key ( Look right )
IN_MOVELEFT512+moveleft bound key ( Default: A )
IN_MOVERIGHT1024+moveright bound key ( Default: D )
IN_ATTACK22048+attack2 bound key ( Default: Right Mouse Button )
IN_RELOAD8192+reload bound key ( Default: R )
IN_ALT116384+alt1 bound key
IN_ALT232768+alt2 bound key
IN_SCORE65536+showscores bound key ( Default: Tab )
IN_SPEED131072+speed bound key ( Default: Shift )
IN_WALK262144+walk bound key ( Slow walk )
IN_ZOOM524288+zoom bound key ( Suit Zoom )
IN_WEAPON11048576For use in weapons. Set in the physgun when scrolling an object away from you.
IN_WEAPON22097152For use in weapons. Set in the physgun when scrolling an object towards you.
IN_GRENADE18388608+grenade1 bound key
IN_GRENADE216777216+grenade2 bound key