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Unlike BUTTON_CODE enum, these enums are abstracted to allow the user to bind actions to any key they might prefer.

Keybinds using these actions work with two console commands, one starting with a plus and one with a minus symbol. A key press or release will call either the plus or minus command, adding or removing the corresponding enum in the current CUserCmd.

Enumerations used by:


IN_ATTACK1+attack bound key ( Default: Left Mouse Button )
IN_JUMP2+jump bound key ( Default: Space )
IN_DUCK4+duck bound key ( Default: CTRL )
IN_FORWARD8+forward bound key ( Default: W )
IN_BACK16+back bound key ( Default: S )
IN_USE32+use bound key ( Default: E )
IN_LEFT128+left bound key ( Look left )
IN_RIGHT256+right bound key ( Look right )
IN_MOVELEFT512+moveleft bound key ( Default: A )
IN_MOVERIGHT1024+moveright bound key ( Default: D )
IN_ATTACK22048+attack2 bound key ( Default: Right Mouse Button )
IN_RELOAD8192+reload bound key ( Default: R )
IN_ALT116384+alt1 bound key
IN_ALT232768+alt2 bound key
IN_SCORE65536+showscores bound key ( Default: Tab )
IN_SPEED131072+speed bound key ( Default: Shift )
IN_WALK262144+walk bound key ( Slow walk )
IN_ZOOM524288+zoom bound key ( Suit Zoom )
IN_WEAPON11048576For use in weapons. Set in the physgun when scrolling an object away from you.
IN_WEAPON22097152For use in weapons. Set in the physgun when scrolling an object towards you.
IN_GRENADE18388608+grenade1 bound key
IN_GRENADE216777216+grenade2 bound key