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Global States

Global States are a Half-Life 2 map-wide system that decides whether a certain gameplay condition is met or not.

A Global State can have both, an enabled state and a counter.

The list below represents all global states used by Half-Life 2 and its episodes.

Global States

Used with game.SetGlobalState and game.SetGlobalCounter. See also GLOBAL enum.

Name Description Appearances
antlion_allied Antlions are player allies Half-Life 2: enabled after you unlock the Pherliac Pods before you enter Nova Prospect.
suit_no_sprint HEV Suit sprint function not yet enabled. Half-Life 2: at the beginning of the game before the player has the HEV suit.
super_phys_gun Super Gravity Gun is enabled. Half-Life 2: when the player is in the citadel.
friendly_encounter Friendly encounter sequence causing weapons to be lowered. Half-Life 2, Episode 1, and Episode 2: whenever a friendly cutscene takes place (e.g. Black Mesa East meeting Barney and Eli, meeting the vorts when they heal Alyx)
gordon_invulnerable All players are invulnerable. Half-Life 2: beginning of the game on the train ride.
no_seagulls_on_jeep Don't spawn seagulls on the jeep. Half-Life 2: if the player leaves their jeep seagulls may spawn on it.
ep2_alyx_injured Alyx is injured and cannot fight. Episode 2: enabled before Alyx is healed by Vortigaunts
ep_alyx_darknessmode Burning props emit light and zombies act like they are in darkness. Episode 1: when Alyx and Gordon are sneaking in the tunnels with zombines
hunters_to_run_over Hunters run over before they dodge. Episode 2: during a fight with striders and hunters
citizens_passive "Citizens are not player allies (cannot be commanded)." This has the same effect as gordon_precriminal but only for citizens. Unused