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  string debug.traceback( thread thread = current thread, string message = nil, number level = 1 )


We advise against using this. It may be changed or removed in a future update.

Returns a full execution stack trace.


1 thread thread = current thread
Thread (ie. error object from xpcall error handler) to build traceback for. If this argument is not set to a proper thread it will act as the next argument.
2 string message = nil
Appended at the beginning of the traceback.
3 number level = 1
Which level to start the traceback.


1 string
A dump of the execution stack.


Prints the traceback into console.

Output: > print(debug.traceback())... stack traceback:
lua_run:1: in main chunk


Defines two functions that are later visible in the traceback. Enter "lua_run TracebackTest()" into the development console to achieve exact results.

function TracebackTest() AnotherTracebackFunction() end function AnotherTracebackFunction() print(debug.traceback()) end
Output: stack traceback:
lua_run:1: in function 'AnotherTracebackFunction' lua_run:1: in function 'TracebackTest' lua_run:1: in main chunk