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  undo.Create( string name )


Begins a new undo entry


1 string name
Name of the undo message to show to players


This example creates a prop_physics, and adds it to Player's undo list.

prop = ents.Create("prop_physics") prop:SetModel("models/props_junk/wood_crate001a.mdl") prop:Spawn() undo.Create("prop") undo.AddEntity(prop) undo.SetPlayer(Player) undo.Finish()


When you need to override the undo messages for a spawnable entity inside ENT:SpawnFunction(user, trace) and apply a custom text, calling undo.Create() will not work and will in fact double the undo entries in the list pointing to the same entity created. Otherwise you will see Scripted Entity (entity_class) when you create it. This is defined in commands.lua and you must return nil, then add the remaining hooks and function calls to account for the missing stuff:

local prop = ents.Create("prop_physics") if ( prop:IsValid() ) then -- This will update your custom undo message by returning `nil` -- Otherwise the undo message will be `Scripted Entity (prop_physics)` undo.Create("Test ["..prop:EntIndex().."]") undo.AddEntity(prop) -- Add out custom prop undo.SetPlayer(user) -- Apply undo for the player undo.Finish() -- Make your custom undo gamemode.Call("PlayerSpawnedSENT", user, prop) -- Account for missing hook user:AddCount("sents", prop) -- Add to the SENTs count ( ownership ) user:AddCount("my_props", prop) -- Add count to our personal count user:AddCleanup("sents", prop) -- Add item to the sents cleanup user:AddCleanup("my_props", prop) -- Add item to the cleanup end return nil -- Return nil, so the game will not create undo entry