Garry's Mod Wiki

Using your Physgun


The Physics Gun (commonly referred to as the Physgun) is a tool that allows its user to manipulate most entities, with the exception of other players. It allows the user to lift, rotate, and even freeze an object, preventing it from being affected by physics.

Abilities and usage

Holding down lmb makes the Physics Gun emit a blue beam from the front of the gun. Any entity that the beam touches will be grabbed by the gun and can then be manipulated.


rmb allows you to freeze the held object in place regardless of where it is.


Holding down e allows the player to rotate a grabbed object. By also holding down ⇧ shift, the player can rotate the object at an angle specified in degrees by the convar gm_snapangles (default 45).

By scrolling the mouse wheel or holding e and pressing s or w, a grabbed object can be moved towards or away from the player.


Pressing r while aiming at a frozen prop or ragdoll allows the player to unfreeze it. Pressing r twice in quick succession will unfreeze all props spawned by that player.