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  DRGBPicker:SetRGB( table color )


Sets the color stored in the color picker.

This function is meant to be called internally and will not update the position of the color picker line or call DRGBPicker:OnChange


1 table color
The color to set, see Color.


Defines a new function SetColor which will allow proper modification of the color picker directly.

-- Background panel BGPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel") BGPanel:SetSize(100, 200) BGPanel:Center() -- Color picker local color_picker = vgui.Create("DRGBPicker", BGPanel) color_picker:SetSize(30, 150) color_picker:Center() -- Custom function that sets color picker position and updates color function color_picker:SetColor(col) -- Get hue local h = ColorToHSV(col) -- Maximize saturation and vibrance col = HSVToColor(h, 1, 1) -- Set color var self:SetRGB(col) -- Calculate position of color picker line local _, height = self:GetSize() self.LastY = height*(1-(h/360)) -- Register that a change has occured self:OnChange(self:GetRGB()) end -- Update background color function color_picker:OnChange(col) BGPanel:SetBackgroundColor(col) end -- Set to random color every second for 10 seconds timer.Create("RandomizeColorPicker", 1, 10, function () color_picker:SetColor(Color(math.random(0, 255), math.random(0, 255), math.random(0, 255), 255)) end)