Garry's Mod Wiki


Functions related to Kinect for Windows usage in GMod.

Kinect feature works only on 32-bit version of the game.


Vector, Angle, table motionsensor.BuildSkeleton( table translator, Player player, Angle rotation )
IMaterial motionsensor.GetColourMaterial()
Returns the depth map material.
boolean motionsensor.IsActive()
Return whether a kinect is connected - and active (ie - Start has been called).
boolean motionsensor.IsAvailable()
Returns true if we have detected that there's a kinect connected to the PC
boolean motionsensor.ProcessAngle( table translator, table sensor, Vector pos, Angle ang, table special_vectors, number boneid, table v )
Angle motionsensor.ProcessAnglesTable( table translator, table sensor, Vector pos, Angle rotation )
Vector motionsensor.ProcessPositionTable( table translator, table sensor )
boolean motionsensor.Start()
This starts access to the kinect sensor. Note that this usually freezes the game for a couple of seconds.
Stops the motion capture.