Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean util.IsValidModel( string modelName )


Checks if the specified model is valid.

A model is considered invalid in following cases:

  • Starts with a space or maps
  • Doesn't start with models
  • Contains any of the following:
    • _gestures
    • _animations
    • _postures
    • _gst
    • _pst
    • _shd
    • _ss
    • _anm
    • .bsp
    • cs_fix
  • If the model isn't precached on the server, AND if the model file doesn't exist on disk
  • If precache failed
  • Model is the error model

Running this function will also precache the model.


1 string modelName
Name/Path of the model to check.


1 boolean
Whether the model is valid or not. Returns false clientside if the model is not precached by the server.