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CS:S Kill Icons

CS:S Kill Icons

Here is a list of weapon icons included in the csd.ttf font. Capital letters give you different icons as you can see. By far the most useful of these is the capital "C" icon which is a plain skull and crossbones.

# Uppercase Lowercase
A Sig 552 P228
B XM1014 AK-47
C Skull and Crossbones Glock
D Headshot TMP
E Shield with helmet Steyr AUG
F Medical Cross Deagle
G Stopwatch Dollar Sign
H Man symbol Sideways Lemon Grenade
I C4 Icon G3-SG1
J Shotgun Shell Knife
K Plus Sign M3 Super90
L Minus Sign Mac-10
M .45 Bullet P90
N 5.56mm Bullet Scout Sniper
O Upright Lemon Grenade Sig 550
P Two Banded Canister Grenade Full Shield
Q One Banded Canister Grenade UMP
R 9mm Bullet AWP
S 5.7mm Bullet Dual Elites
T .357 Bullet FAMAS
U .50 Bullet Five-Seven
V 7.62mm Galil
W .338 Bullet Colt M4
Z Para M249

The letters x, y, and z do not have capital letter icons. The font also has numbers 0-9 you can use as well.

Here is an image that shows the letters in the format of: [Letter] [Uppercase Icon][Lowercase Icon]