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  Vector, Angle ENTITY:CalcAbsolutePosition( Vector pos, Angle ang )


Called whenever the entity's position changes. A callback for when an entity's angle changes is available via Entity:AddCallback.

Like ENTITY:RenderOverride, this hook works on any entity (scripted or not) it is applied on.

If EFL_DIRTY_ABSTRANSFORM is set on the entity, this will be called serverside only; otherwise, this will be called clientside only. This means serverside calls of Entity:SetPos without the EFL_DIRTY_ABSTRANSFORM flag enabled (most cases) will be called clientside only.
The give concommand will call this hook serverside only upon entity spawn.


1 Vector pos
The entity's actual position. May differ from Entity:GetPos
2 Angle ang
The entity's actual angles. May differ from Entity:GetAngles


1 Vector
New position
2 Angle
New angles