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Specific Operators

Garry's Mod features a set of non-default operators and aliases of already existing ones.

The implemented operators include:

continue may work incorrectly, consider using goto


Use goto for the same functionality as continue, this example loops through all the players and kills all superadmins then respawns them.

for _, v in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do if not v:IsSuperAdmin() then goto cont -- skips any iterations where the player is not superadmin end v:Kill() v:Spawn() ::cont:: end

The implemented aliases are as following:

Operator Alias
and &&
or ||
not !
~= !=
--[[ ]] /* */
-- //
It is suggested to avoid using the custom operators if you wish to use your scripts outside of Garry's Mod, as they are incompatible with standard Lua.

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