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CSEnt ClientsideModel( string model, number renderGroup = RENDERGROUP_OTHER )


Creates a non physical entity that only exists on the client. See also ents.CreateClientProp.

Parented clientside models will become detached if the parent entity leaves the PVS.

Issue Tracker: 861
Clientside entities are not garbage-collected, thus you must store a reference to the object and call CSEnt:Remove manually.

Issue Tracker: 1387
Clientside models will occasionally delete themselves during high server lag.

Issue Tracker: 3184


1 string model
The file path to the model.

Model must be precached with util.PrecacheModel on the server before usage.
2 number renderGroup = RENDERGROUP_OTHER
The render group of the entity for the clientside leaf system, see Enums/RENDERGROUP.


1 CSEnt
Created client-side model. ( C_BaseFlex )

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