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  sound.Play( string snd, Vector pos, number level = 75, number pitch = 100, number volume = 1, number dsp = 0 )


Plays a sound from the specified position in the world. If you want to play a sound without a position, such as a UI sound, use surface.PlaySound instead.

This function is similar to EmitSound, but with less options.


1 string snd
The sound to play. This should either be a sound script name (sound.Add) or a file path relative to the sound/ folder. (Make note that it's not sounds)
2 Vector pos
Where the sound should play.
3 number level = 75
Sound level in decibels. 75 is normal. Ranges from 20 to 180, where 180 is super loud. This affects how far away the sound will be heard.
4 number pitch = 100
The sound pitch. Range is from 0 to 255. 100 is normal pitch.
5 number volume = 1
Output volume of the sound in range 0 to 1.
6 number dsp = 0
The DSP preset for this sound. List of DSP presets
This was recently added in version (2024.02.26). It might only be available on the Dev Branch right now.


Plays an explosion sound at the (0, 0, 0) map coordinates.

sound.Play( "ambient/explosions/exp1.wav", Vector(0, 0, 0) )