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  boolean GM:PlayerNoClip( Player ply, boolean desiredState )
This hook is predicted. This means that in singleplayer, it will not be called in the Client realm.


Called when a player tries to switch noclip mode.


1 Player ply
The person who entered/exited noclip
2 boolean desiredState
Represents the noclip state (on/off) the user will enter if this hook allows them to.


1 boolean
Return false to disallow the switch.


Get the player when they enter/exit no clip and display their status

hook.Add( "PlayerNoClip", "isInNoClip", function( ply, desiredNoClipState ) if ( desiredNoClipState ) then print( ply:Name() .. " wants to enter noclip." ) else print( ply:Name() .. " wants to leave noclip." ) end end )
Player1 wants to enter noclip. Player1 wants to leave noclip.


While keeping the default behavior of admin-only noclip, the following example will also allow anyone to turn it off (if it's set on by a third-party administration addon, for example).

hook.Add( "PlayerNoClip", "FeelFreeToTurnItOff", function( ply, desiredState ) if ( desiredState == false ) then -- the player wants to turn noclip off return true -- always allow elseif ( ply:IsAdmin() ) then return true -- allow administrators to enter noclip end end )