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  boolean net.Start( string messageName, boolean unreliable = false )


Begins a new net message. If another net message is already started and hasn't been sent yet, it will be discarded.

After calling this function, you will want to call net.Write functions to write your data, if any, and then finish with a call to one of the following functions:

Each net message has a length limit of 65,533 bytes (approximately 64 KiB) and your net message will error and fail to send if it is larger than this.

The net library has an internal buffer that sent messages are added to that is capable of holding roughly 256 kb at a time. Trying to send more will lead to the client being kicked because of a buffer overflow. More information on net library limits can be found here.

The message name must be pooled with util.AddNetworkString beforehand!

Net messages will not reliably reach the client until the client's GM:InitPostEntity hook is called.


1 string messageName
The name of the message to send
2 boolean unreliable = false
If set to true, the message is not guaranteed to reach its destination


1 boolean
true if the message has been started.


Adds a console command that sends a message to all clients.

if ( SERVER ) then util.AddNetworkString( "my_message" ) concommand.Add( "send_msg", function( ply, cmd, args, str ) if ( str == "" ) then str = "No message given" end net.Start( "my_message" ) net.WriteString( str ) net.WriteColor( ply:GetColor(), false ) net.Broadcast() end ) else net.Receive( "my_message", function( len, ply ) -- Important: reading in the same order as we write! local message = net.ReadString() local color = net.ReadColor( false ) print( "Message from server received." ) MsgC( color, message ) end ) end