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vararg hook.Call( string eventName, table gamemodeTable, vararg args )


Calls all hooks associated with the given event until one returns something other than nil, and then returns that data.

In almost all cases, you should use hook.Run instead - it calls hook.Call internally but supplies the gamemode table by itself, making your code neater.


1 string eventName
The event to call hooks for
2 table gamemodeTable
If the gamemode is specified, the gamemode hook within will be called, otherwise not
3 vararg args
The arguments to be passed to the hooks


1 vararg
Return data from called hooks. Limited to 6 return values


Runs function DoSomething, which eventually calls the event "DoneDoingSomething", triggering the hooked function DoSomethingElse.

function DoSomething() --Does something hook.Call("DoneDoingSomething") end function DoSomethingElse() --Does something else, once the hook DoneDoingSomething is called. print("Done!") end hook.Add( "DoneDoingSomething", "Does something else", DoSomethingElse ) DoSomething()
Output: Done!


You can also make custom functions controllable via hooks.

function MakeCheese() local shouldMakeCheese = hook.Call("MakeCheezPleez") if shouldMakeCheese then print("yay") else print("nay") end end function MakeCheeseOrNot() if #player.GetAll() >= 1 then return true else return false end end hook.Add( "MakeCheezPleez", "Does something else", MakeCheeseOrNot ) MakeCheese()
Output: If there is players in the server, we print "yay". If there isn't, we print "nay"


Calls the event "DoneDoingSomething" with args

hook.Add("DoneDoingSomething", "Does something else", function(a, b) print(a) print(b) end) hook.Call("DoneDoingSomething", nil, "Hello", "Hey")
Output: Hello Hey

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