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  vararg hook.Call( string eventName, table gamemodeTable = nil, ... )


Calls all hooks associated with the given event until one returns something other than nil, and then returns that data.

In almost all cases, you should use hook.Run instead - it calls hook.Call internally but supplies the gamemode table by itself, making your code neater.


1 string eventName
The event to call hooks for.
2 table gamemodeTable = nil
If the gamemode is specified, the gamemode hook within will be called, otherwise not.
3 vararg args = nil
The arguments to be passed to the hooks.


1 vararg
Return data from called hooks. Limited to 6 return values.


Runs function DoSomething, which eventually calls the event DoneDoingSomething, triggering the hooked function DoSomethingElse.

local function DoSomething() -- Does something hook.Call( "DoneDoingSomething" ) end local function DoSomethingElse() -- Does something else, once the hook "DoneDoingSomething" is called. print( "Done!" ) end hook.Add( "DoneDoingSomething", "Does something else", DoSomethingElse ) DoSomething()


You can also make custom functions controllable via hooks.

local function MakeCheese() local shouldMakeCheese = hook.Call( "MakeCheezPleez" ) if shouldMakeCheese then print( "yay" ) else print( "nay" ) end end local function MakeCheeseOrNot() return player.GetCount() >= 1 end hook.Add( "MakeCheezPleez", "Does something else", MakeCheeseOrNot ) MakeCheese()
Output: If there is players in the server, we print yay. If there isn't, we print nay.


Calls the event DoneDoingSomething with some arguments.

hook.Add( "DoneDoingSomething", "Does something else", function( a, b ) print( a ) print( b ) end ) hook.Call( "DoneDoingSomething", nil, "Hello", "Hey" )
Hello Hey