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CNewParticleEffect Entity:CreateParticleEffect( string particle, number attachment, table options = nil )


Creates a clientside particle system attached to the entity. See also CreateParticleSystem

The particle effect must be precached with PrecacheParticleSystem and the file its from must be added via game.AddParticles before it can be used!


1 string particle
The particle name to create
2 number attachment
Attachment ID to attach the particle to
3 table options = nil
A table of tables ( IDs 1 to 64 ) having the following structure:

  • number attachtype - The particle attach type. See PATTACH. Default: PATTACH_ABSORIGIN
  • Entity entity - The parent entity? Default: NULL
  • Vector position - The offset position for given control point. Default: nil

This only affects the control points of the particle effects and will do nothing if the effect doesn't use control points.


1 CNewParticleEffect
The created particle system.

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