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  boolean PANEL:OnKeyCodePressed( number keyCode )


Called whenever a keyboard key was pressed while the panel is focused.

This is not run for ESC/"cancelselect" binding.

Issue Tracker: 2886


1 number keyCode
The key code of the pressed key, see KEY enum.


1 boolean
Return true to suppress default action.


Prints some text into console when the player presses any button while the panel is opened. In this example the panel is opened via the testvgui console command.

concommand.Add( "testvgui", function( ply ) local DFrame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" ) -- The name of the panel, we don't have to parent it DFrame:SetPos( 100, 100 ) -- Set the position to 100x by 100y DFrame:SetSize( 300, 200 ) -- Set the size to 300x by 200y DFrame:SetTitle( "Derma Frame" ) -- Set the title in the top left to 'Derma Frame' DFrame:MakePopup() -- Make the frame take user's input function DFrame:OnKeyCodePressed( ... ) print( "OnKeyCodePressed", ... ) -- Print something when a key is pressed end end )