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Scripted Entities

Scripted Entities (or SENTs for short) are custom entities coded entirely in Lua.

They are usually defined in a separate .lua file in the lua/entities/ folder.

The difference from Engine Entities being that you cannot use ENTITY Hooks on engine entities.

Scripted Entity Types

There are 6 different types of Scripted Entities:

ENT.Type Description
nextbot A NextBot NPC. A newer-type NPCs with better navigation.

All NextBot functions and hooks are also usable on these entities.
anim A normal entity with visual and/or physical presence in the game world, such as props or whatever else you can imagine.
brush A serverside only trigger entity. Mostly used very closely with the Hammer Level Editor.
point A usually serverside only entity that doesn't have a visual or physical representation in the game world, such as logic entities.
filter A different kind of "point" entity used in conjunction with trigger (brush type) entities.
ai 2004 Source Engine NPC system entity


The following is usable with Scripted Entities:

The following is usable with Scripted Weapons (Also known as SWEPs):