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Scripted Entities

Scripted Entities (or SENTs for short) are custom entities coded entirely in Lua.

The difference from Engine Entities being that you cannot use on engine entities.

Scripted Entity Types

There are 6 different types of Scripted Entities:

nextbot A NextBot NPC. A newer "style" NPCs with better navigation.

All NextBot functions and hooks are also usable on these entities.
anim A normal entity with visual and/or physical presence in the game world, such as props or whatever else you can imagine.
brush A serverside only trigger entity. Mostly used very closely with the Hammer Level Editor.
point A usually serverside only entity that doesn't have a visual or physical representation in the game world, such as logic entities.
filter A different kind of "point" entity used in conjunction with trigger ("brush" type) entities.


The following is usable with Scripted Entities: *

The following is usable with Scripted Weapons (Also known as SWEPs):

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