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  engine.LightStyle( number lightstyle, string pattern )


This is a direct binding to the function engine->LightStyle. This function allows you to change the default light style of the map - so you can make lighting lighter or darker. You’ll need to call render.RedownloadAllLightmaps clientside to refresh the lightmaps to this new color.

Calling this function with arguments 0 and "a" will cause dynamic lights such as those produced by the Light tool to stop working.

Issue Tracker: 3626


1 number lightstyle
The lightstyle to edit. 0 to 63. If you want to edit map lighting, you want to set this to 0.
2 string pattern
The pattern to change the lightstyle to. a is the darkest, z is the brightest. You can use stuff like "abcxyz" to make flashing patterns. The normal brightness for a map is m. Values over z are allowed, ~ for instance.