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engine.LightStyle( number lightstyle, string pattern )


This is a direct binding to the function “engine->LightStyle”. This function allows you to change the default light style of the map - so you can make lighting lighter or darker. You’ll need to call render.RedownloadAllLightmaps clientside to refresh the lightmaps to this new color.

Calling this function with arguments 0 and "a" will cause dynamic lights such as those produced by the Light tool to stop working.


1 number lightstyle
The lightstyle to edit. 0 to 63. If you want to edit map lighting, you want to set this to 0.
2 string pattern
The pattern to change the lightstyle to. "a" is the darkest, "z" is the brightest. You can use stuff like "abcxyz" to make flashing patterns. The normal brightness for a map is "m". Values over "z" are allowed, "~" for instance.

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