Garry's Mod Wiki

Hold Types

This is a list of all available holdtypes for SWEPs on default base ( weapon_base ).

This may or may not differ for other SWEP bases.

Name Description
pistol One hand grasp used for pistols
smg Used for two-handed weapons such as the SMG1 ( rifles with a grip )
grenade Used for grenade, similar to melee
ar2 Used for two-handed weapons such as the AR2 ( rifles without a grip )
shotgun Used for weapons such as shotguns
rpg Used for weapons that rest on your shoulder, such as RPG
physgun Used for the gravity and physics guns
crossbow Used for weapons such as crossbows, very similar to shotgun
melee Hand raised above head, used for crowbar
slam Used for weapons such as SLAM/explosives/c4
normal No weapon stance, hands at sides
fist Hands up punching hold type
melee2 Two-handed sword
passive Sort of an "idle" stance, like when the civil protection hold their smg's when they aren't aiming
knife Bent over stabbing hold type
duel Dual pistols hold type
camera Holds the weapon in front of your face as a camera
magic Use your power of will to move objects. One hand in front of you, one hand to your head
revolver Two hand pistol holdtype, revolver reload animation.