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  net.WriteUInt64( string uint64 )


Appends an unsigned integer with 64 bits to the current net message.

The limit for an uint64 is 18'446'744'073'709'551'615.
Everything above the limit will be set to the limit.

Unsigned numbers do not support negative numbers.


1 string uint64
The 64 bit value to be sent. Can be a number.
Since Lua cannot store full 64-bit integers, this function takes a string. It is mainly aimed at usage with Player:SteamID64.

If your input is a number and not a string, it won't be networked correctly as soon as it has more than 13 digits.
This is because Lua represents numbers over 13 digits as 1e+14(100 000 000 000 000)
You can do something like this to convert it to a string: string.format("%.0f", number).
If you try to use tostring it will fail because it will create a result something like 1e+14 which doesn't work.