Garry's Mod Wiki

Main Menu

The main menu is the menu shown when you start Garry's Mod. It contains ten options to choose from, each with a specific purpose. The background consists of a slide show of various images created using Garry's Mod.


1. Start New Game

Opens a map list to start a single player or local multiplayer game. By switching the gamemode with the Game Mode Selector, you can start the game in different gamemodes.

2. Find Multiplayer Game

Opens the Garry's Mod Server Browser.

3. Addons

Opens the Addons menu, which allows you download, enable, disable and delete Steam Workshop addons from your computer.

4. Demos

Opens the Demos menu, which lets you see all of your saved demos, as well as demos uploaded to steam.

5. Saves

Opens the Saves menu, which lets you see all of your saved saves, as well as saves uploaded to steam.

6. Options

Opens the Options menu.

7. Quit

Closes Garry's Mod.

8. Installed Games List

Opens a list that shows all steam games that are compatible with Garry's Mod, and shows if they are installed, disabled (unmounted), or enabled(mounted).

Red cross means you do not own that game, folder with a small minus sign means the game is not installed.

9. Language Selector

Opens a menu containing flags from different countries representing languages. Clicking on a flag changes the current language.

10. Game Mode Selector

Switches the current gamemode. The default gamemode is Sandbox. On installation, the only other gamemode available is Trouble In Terrorist Town. More gamemodes can be added through the use of the addons menu.