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DHTML:AddFunction( string library, string name, function callback )


Defines a Javascript function that when called will call a Lua callback.

Must be called after the HTML document has fully loaded.


1 string library
Library name of the JS function you are defining.
2 string name
Name of the JS function you are defining.
3 function callback
Function called when the JS function is called. Arguments passed to the JS function will be passed here.


Prints text from Javascript to the console in color.

-- Create the frame local f = vgui.Create("DFrame") f:SetSize(800, 600) f:Center() -- Create a green color variable local color_green = Color(0, 255, 0) -- Define the Javascript function in the DHTML element local DHTML = vgui.Create("DHTML", f) DHTML:Dock(FILL) DHTML:OpenURL("") DHTML:AddFunction("console", "luaprint", function(str) MsgC(color_green, str) -- Print the given string end) --This runs our function. Our function could also be called from Javascript on the DHTML's page. DHTML:RunJavascript("console.luaprint('Hello from Javascript!');")

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