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  DHTML:AddFunction( string library, string name, function callback )


Defines a Javascript function that when called will call a Lua callback.

Must be called after the HTML document has fully loaded.


1 string library
Library name of the JS function you are defining.
2 string name
Name of the JS function you are defining.
3 function callback
Function called when the JS function is called. Arguments passed to the JS function will be passed here.


Prints text from Javascript to the console in color.

-- Create the frame local frame = vgui.Create( "DFrame" ) frame:SetSize( 800, 600 ) frame:Center() -- Create a green color variable local color_green = Color( 0, 255, 0 ) -- Define the Javascript function in the DHTML element local DHTML = vgui.Create( "DHTML", frame ) DHTML:Dock( FILL ) DHTML:OpenURL( "" ) DHTML:AddFunction( "console", "luaprint", function( str ) MsgC( color_green, str ) -- Print the given string end) -- This runs our function. Our function could also be called from Javascript on the DHTML's page. DHTML:RunJavascript( "console.luaprint( 'Hello from Javascript!' );" )


Passing a callback to the added JavaScript function as the last argument allows us to use the values returned by our Lua function.

Of course, you're allowed to use multiple return values, with each being its own argument.

Tables should work as you expect them to. Lua table {true, a = true} will be an object with keys 1 and a, both equal to true. Unsure about metatable behavior.

Userdata (Vector, Player, etc...) will be undefined, obviously.

As per

This is relevant for the x86-64 branch only (Chromium in place of Awesomium), you may still handle return values normally to work with the default branch as well.
] lua_run_cl A = vgui.Create"DHTML" ] lua_run_cl A:OpenURL("") ] lua_run_cl A:AddFunction("gmod", "test", function(x) return x end ) -- This works ] lua_run_cl A:RunJavascript("gmod.test('test', console.log)") [HTML] test ] lua_run_cl A:AddFunction("gmod", "say", function(x) RunConsoleCommand("say", x) end) ] lua_run_cl A:RunJavascript("gmod.test('test', gmod.say)") Bell: test -- This doesn't work ] lua_run_cl A:RunJavascript("gmod.test(console.log, 'test')")