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The SQL library allows you to access powerful database software included with Garry's Mod. It is the preferred and fastest method of storing large amounts of data. The database is located in sv.db serverside and cl.db clientside, both in the Garry's Mod base folder. SQL is a whole scripting language in itself although relatively simple, it's something you'll need to read up on before using this library.

Example of using sql.

-- Creating a table sql.Query("CREATE TABLE my_db_table( id NUMBER , name TEXT )" ) -- Inserting a value to the table sql.Query("INSERT INTO my_db_table( id , name ) VALUES( 1 , 'First') ") -- Printing the tables data PrintTable( sql.Query("SELECT * FROM my_db_table ") ) -- Deleting the table sql.Query("DROP TABLE my_db_table")

Known GMod SQLite settings:

  • Temp files are stored in memory (SQLITE_TEMP_STORE = 3)
  • No ATTACH and DETACH operations (SQLITE_OMIT_ATTACH = 1)
  • No Virtual Tables (SQLITE_OMIT_VIRTUALTABLE = 1)
  • No VACUUM operation (SQLITE_OMIT_VACUUM = 1)


Tells the engine a set of queries is coming. Will wait until sql. Commit is called to run them. This is most useful when you run more than 100+ queries. This is equivalent to : sql. Query( "BEGIN;" )
Tells the engine to execute a series of queries queued for execution, must be preceded by sql. Begin. This is equivalent to sql. Query( "COMMIT;" ).
boolean sql.IndexExists( string indexName )
Returns true if the index with the specified name exists.
Returns the last error from a SQLite query.
table sql.Query( string query )
Performs a query on the local SQLite database, returns a table as result set, nil if result is empty and false on error.
table sql.QueryRow( string query, number row = 1 )
Performs the sql. Query and returns the n'th row. This function is equivalent to safely returning sql. Query(query)[row]
string sql.QueryValue( string query )
Performs the query like sql. QueryRow, but returns the first value found.
string sql.SQLStr( string string, boolean bNoQuotes = false )
Escapes dangerous characters and symbols from user input used in an SQLite SQL Query. This function is not meant to be used with external database engines such as MySQL. Escaping strings with inadequate functions is dangerous!
boolean sql.TableExists( string tableName )
Returns true if the table with the specified name exists.