Garry's Mod Wiki

Finding the Font Name

To use your font in game you need to know the name of your font. This is required for surface.CreateFont.

The font name is not a file name of that font. Your file can have any name, GMod finds the font only by its real name.

Make sure your font is .ttf, it's in your resource/fonts/ folder and it's included for downloading.

It's generally good practice to keep file paths lowercase using underscores(_) or hyphens(-) for spaces, especially on Linux. Example: resource/fonts/arial_bold.ttf


  1. Right click on your font and click Preview or double click it
  1. In opened window find Font name: line
  1. The name goes after Font name: (In this example, it's Digital-7 Mono)

Example surface.CreateFont:

surface.CreateFont("MySuperFont", { font = "Digital-7 Mono", size = 15 }) draw.SimpleText( "Hello world", "MySuperFont", 120, 120, Color(255, 255, 255) )



GNOME Font Viewer

Package name: gnome-font-viewer

  1. Open the font

  2. Find the label at the center of the top menu (In this example, it's Arial, style is not a part of the font here)

  3. Additionally you can check the font name by click Info on the top menu and find Name:


Example surface.CreateFont:

surface.CreateFont("Arial", { font = "Arial", size = 15 })