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Table structure representing a mesh vertex used by various functions, such as IMesh:BuildFromTriangles and Entity:PhysicsFromMesh and returned by functions such as util.GetModelMeshes and PhysObj:GetMesh.


table color
The vertex color. Uses the Color.
Vector normal
The triangles normal required to calculate lighting(optional).
Vector tangent
The triangles tangent. Not used by the VertexLitGeneric shader.
Vector binormal
The triangles binormal. Not used by the VertexLitGeneric shader.
Vector pos
The vertex position.
number u
The u texture scale.
number v
The v texture scale.
table userdata
A table of four numbers. This is used by most shaders in Source to hold tangent information of the vertex ( tangentX, tangentY, tangentZ, tangentHandedness ).