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  table net.ReadTable( boolean sequential = false )


Reads a table from the received net message.

See net.WriteTable for extra info.

Sometimes when sending a table through the net library, the order of the keys may be switched. So be cautious when comparing (See example 1).

You may get net.ReadType: Couldn't read type X during the execution of the function, the problem is that you are sending objects that cannot be serialized/sent over the network.

You must read information in same order as you write it.


1 boolean sequential = false
Set to true if the input table is sequential. This saves on bandwidth.


1 table
Table received via the net message, or a blank table if no table could be read.


This is an example of how the keys order may be switched:

-- Client: local tbl = { Type = "Dining", Legs = "4", Material = "Wood" } net.Start( "TableSend" ) net.WriteTable( tbl ) net.SendToServer() PrintTable( tbl ) -- Prints the order client-side. -- Server: net.Receive( "TableSend", function( len, ply ) PrintTable( net.ReadTable() ) -- Prints the order server-side. end )
Output: Client:

Type = "Dining" Legs = 4 Material = "Wood"


Legs = 4 Material = "Wood" Type = "Dining"