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Called before the duplicator copies the entity.

If you are looking for a way to make the duplicator spawn another entity when duplicated. (For example, you duplicate a prop_physics, but you want the duplicator to spawn prop_physics_my), you should add prop_physics.ClassOverride = "prop_physics_my". The duplication table should be also stored on that prop_physics, not on prop_physics_my.

See also ENTITY:PostEntityCopy.


Example on how to store values for duplicator, and then restore them afterwards

-- Store the value for duplicator function ENT:PreEntityCopy() self.MyDuplicatorVariasble = self:GetSequence() end -- Restore the saved value function ENT:PostEntityPaste() -- Always validate data before using it if ( !self.MyDuplicatorVariasble ) then return end self:ResetSequence( self.MyDuplicatorVariasble ) end