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  string util.TableToJSON( table table, boolean prettyPrint = false )


Converts a table to a JSON string.

All keys are strings in the JSON format, so all keys will be converted to strings!

All integers will be converted to decimals (5 -> 5.0).

This will produce invalid JSON if the provided table contains nan or inf values.

Issue Tracker: 3561


1 table table
Table to convert.
2 boolean prettyPrint = false
Format and indent the JSON.


1 string
A JSON formatted string containing the serialized data


Writes the positions and angles of every player to a JSON file called playerstuff.json.

local Players = {} for k, v in ipairs(player.GetAll()) do Players[k] = { pos = v:GetPos(), ang = v:GetAngles() } end local tab = util.TableToJSON( Players ) -- Convert the player table to JSON file.CreateDir( "jsontest" ) -- Create the directory file.Write( "jsontest/playerstuff.json", tab) -- Write to .json