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game.AddAmmoType( table ammoData )


Adds a new ammo type to the game.

You can find a list of default ammo types here.

This function must be called shared or you will have unexpected problems.
This function must be called in GM:Initialize.
There is a limit of 128 ammo types, including the default ones.
This will have unpredictable results when registering ammo types with the same name but different capitalisation.


1 table ammoData
The attributes of the ammo. See the Structures/AmmoData.


Add an ammo type

game.AddAmmoType({ name = "ammo_9mm_max", dmgtype = DMG_BULLET, tracer = TRACER_LINE, plydmg = 0, npcdmg = 0, force = 2000, minsplash = 10, maxsplash = 5 })

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