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An object representing game texture, like a .vtf file. Do not confuse with IMaterial. Returned by IMaterial:GetTexture


Invokes the generator of the texture. Reloads file based textures from disk and clears render target textures.
table ITexture:GetColor( number x, number y )
Returns the color of the specified pixel, only works for textures created from PNG files. The returned color will not have the color metatable.Issue Tracker: 2407
number ITexture:GetMappingHeight()
Returns the true unmodified height of the texture.
number ITexture:GetMappingWidth()
Returns the true unmodified width of the texture.
string ITexture:GetName()
Returns the name of the texture, in most cases the path.
number ITexture:GetNumAnimationFrames()
Returns the number of animation frames in this texture.
number ITexture:Height()
Returns the modified height of the texture, this value may be affected by mipmapping and other factors.
boolean ITexture:IsError()
Returns whenever the texture is valid. (i.e. was loaded successfully or not) The "error" texture is a valid texture, and therefore this function will return false when used on it. Use ITexture:IsErrorTexture, instead.
boolean ITexture:IsErrorTexture()
Returns whenever the texture is the error texture (pink and black checkerboard pattern).
number ITexture:Width()
Returns the modified width of the texture, this value may be affected by mipmapping and other factors.

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