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string render.Capture( table captureData )


Captures a part of the current render target and returns the data as a binary string in the given format.

Since the pixel buffer clears itself every frame, this will return a black screen outside of . To capture the user's final view, use GM:PostRender. This will not capture the Steam overlay or third-party injections (such as the Discord overlay, Overwolf, and advanced cheats) on the user's screen.

This sets the alpha channel incorrectly in PNG mode, causing the foreground to be rendered almost completely transparent.


1 table captureData
Parameters of the capture. See Structures/RenderCaptureData.


1 string


How you could use this to save a picture of your screen.

local ScreenshotRequested = false function RequestAScreenshot() ScreenshotRequested = true end -- For the sake of this example, we use a console command to request a screenshot concommand.Add( "make_screenshot", RequestAScreenshot ) hook.Add( "PostRender", "example_screenshot", function() if ( !ScreenshotRequested ) then return end ScreenshotRequested = false local data = render.Capture( { format = "jpeg", quality = 70, //100 is max quality, but 70 is good enough. x = 0, y = 0, w = ScrW(), h = ScrH() } ) local f = file.Open( "Image.jpg", "wb", "DATA" ) f:Write( data ) f:Close() end )
Output: You should now have Image.jpg in your garrysmod/garrysmod/data folder, containing a screenshot.

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