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As noted in the welcome tutorial Lua is plain text, so you can edit it in notepad, but you'll probably find you want something a bit better.

The editor you use is a personal preference - so it's up to you to choose one for yourself. The editors below are listed because they are the most popular editors in the Garry's Mod community.

Sublime Text

Sublime is a very good text editor as it is appealing and effective, it's also highly customizable and easy to use. It offers a number of features that will aid you in development, such as syntax highlighting, a minimap and a number of hotkeys. It also has a great package manager for installing plugins. The following are a few recommended packages to install:

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a lightweight counterpart to Visual Studio, similar to Sublime. It's customizable with extensions and is fairly easy to use. It has built in git support, and a large set of extensions in the marketplace. Here are some extensions that you should install:


Visual Studio

If you use Visual Studio then it might be more comfortable and convenient using it to edit Lua too (rather than learning a new editor). The free versions of Visual Studio are called 'Express'. There's a good page about Lua plugins on the World Of Warcraft Wiki.


Notepad++ is a text editor with a number of features. It has syntax highlighting, a minimap and a number of hotkeys, along with a Garry's Mod specific Syntax Highlighter which can be found here.

Notepad++ is the weakest editor here; it severely lacks plugins that the other editors such as Sublime Text and Visual Studio Code have such as up-to-date code snippets and linting. However, it is completely fine for editing a few GLua files.

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