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The list library allows you add and retrieve values to and from lists. The list library is basically a fancy wrapper for a table, but with much more limited functionality. See Default Lists for a page of default Sandbox lists.


number list.Add( string identifier, any item )
Adds an item to a named list
boolean list.Contains( string list, any value )
Returns true if the list contains the value. (as a value - not a key) For a function that looks for a key and not a value see list.HasEntry.
table list.Get( string identifier )
Returns a copy of the list stored at identifier
table list.GetForEdit( string identifier )
Returns the actual table of the list stored at identifier. Modifying this will affect the stored list
table list.GetTable()
Returns a a list of all lists currently in use.
boolean list.HasEntry( string list, any key )
Returns true if the list contains the given key. For a function that looks for values and not keys see list.Contains.
list.Set( string identifier, any key, any item )
Sets a specific position in the named list to a value.

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