Garry's Mod Wiki

ConVars In Garrysmod

Garry's Mod adds a bunch of additional console commands and variables alongside with the Source Engine default ones.

Lua related console variables

Command Default Description
sv_allowcslua 1 Allow clients on the server to run lua_openscript_cl and lua_run_cl.
sv_kickerrornum 0 If a client's amount of clientside errors reaches this value, the client is automatically disconnected from the server. A value of 0 means disabling this functionality.

Physics Gun specific console variables

Command Default Description
physgun_timeToArrive 0.05 How fast the held entity should arrive to target position in front of the player
physgun_timeToArriveRagdoll 0.1 Same as above but for ragdolls
physgun_teleportDistance 0 If distance between target position and current position of held entity is greater than this, the held entity will teleport to target position, instead of trying to get there by "flying"
physgun_limited 0 When enabled the physgun can only pickup props and ragdolls.
physgun_rotation_sensitivity 0.05 The sensitivity of rotation
physgun_wheelspeed 10 The sensitivity of scrolling
physgun_maxAngular 5000 Max angular velocity of held entity
physgun_maxAngularDamping 10000
physgun_maxSpeed 5000 Max velocity of held entity
physgun_maxSpeedDamping 10000
gm_snapgrid 0 Snaps your props to a grid based on the value set
gm_snapangles 45 How many degrees should the entity snap when rotating with shift+e

Miscellaneous console variables

Command Default Description
cl_steamoverlay_pos 1 (Top Right) Which corner to position the steam overlay notifications.

0=Top Left, 1=Top Right, 2=Bottom Left, 3=Bottom Right
cc_lang Steam language-dependent Changes the language used by closed captions in HL2.