Garry's Mod Wiki

Command Line Parameters

A full list of Source command-line options can be found here.

Garry's Mod-Specific Commands

Command Line Description
-noaddons Temporarily disables folder/legacy addons
-noworkshop Temporarily disables Steam Workshop addons
-disableluarefresh Disables Auto Refresh
-multirun Allows you to launch multiple instances of the game. You will not be able to connect to the same multiplayer server from both instances, unless the server has sv_lan set to 1.

Please note that the sv_lan 1 command must be set before the server is started or a changelevel is required.
-nochromium If on a Beta branch that runs Chromium, disables Chromium.
-allowlocalhttp Allows local IP links (192.168.x.x) to be used with the http functions. This only works on the server.
-fullwindowsdump Generates more detailed crash dumps on Windows.
-language Overrides Steam's language setting for the primary game language, which controls captions and engine panels.
+<ConVar name> <value> Sets value of a console variable after the game is started.

Setting up Command Line Parameters in Steam

To set Command Line Parameters (Launch Options) in Steam for Garry's Mod:

  • Open your Steam Library and right click on Garry's Mod and click Properties
  • In the pop up window press Set Launch Options...
  • A new pop up window will appear, where you can enter your desired Launch Options, separated by space
  • After you are done, press OK and then Close and you are done