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  net.WriteVector( Vector vector )


Appends a vector to the current net message. Vectors sent by this function are compressed, which may result in precision loss. XYZ components greater than 16384 or less than -16384 are irrecoverably altered (most significant bits are trimmed) and precision after the decimal point is low.


1 Vector vector
The vector to be sent.


Create a serverside command to send a vector to all clients, and a function to receive the vector on the clientside. This example displays the vector compression discussed above.

if SERVER then util.AddNetworkString("testingvecs") function testvecs_sv() net.Start("testingvecs") net.WriteVector(Vector(10000, 20000, -20000.123456789)) net.Broadcast() end concommand.Add("dovectest", testvecs_sv) elseif CLIENT then function testvecs_cl(len) print("RECV: vec = " .. tostring(net.ReadVector()) .. "\n") end net.Receive("testingvecs", testvecs_cl) end
Output: RECV: vec = 10000.000000 3616.000000 -3616.093750

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