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  DNumberWang:OnValueChanged( number val )


Internal function which is called when the number selector value is changed. This function is empty by default so it needs to be overridden in order to provide functionality.


1 number val
The new value of the number selector.


Creates a panel with two number selectors that play a male question sound byte and a female answer sound byte based on the new value of each number selector.

-- Background panel BGPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel") BGPanel:SetPos(20, 20) BGPanel:SetSize(100, 55) -- Statement label local lbl1 = vgui.Create("DLabel", BGPanel) lbl1:SetPos(5, 5) lbl1:SetSize(100, 20) lbl1:SetText("Statement: ") lbl1:SetColor(Color(64, 64, 255)) -- Response label local lbl2 = vgui.Create("DLabel", BGPanel) lbl2:SetPos(5, 30) lbl2:SetSize(100, 20) lbl2:SetText("Response: ") lbl2:SetColor(Color(255, 0, 255)) -- Number selector for "questions" local question = vgui.Create("DNumberWang", BGPanel) question:SetPos(65, 5) question:SetSize(30, 20) question:SetMinMax(1, 30) -- Number selector for answers local answer = vgui.Create("DNumberWang", BGPanel) answer:SetPos(65, 30) answer:SetSize(30, 20) answer:SetMinMax(1, 40) -- This is used to prevent overlapping talking local null = Sound("common/null.wav") -- Abstraction = cleaner code function TalkSound(snd) EmitSound(snd, LocalPlayer():GetPos(), LocalPlayer():EntIndex(), CHAN_VOICE, 1, 80, 0, 100) end -- Play a statement based on new number function question:OnValueChanged(val) TalkSound(null) TalkSound(Sound("vo/npc/male01/question"..string.format("%02d", val)..".wav")) end -- Play an answer based on new number function answer:OnValueChanged(val) TalkSound(null) TalkSound(Sound("vo/npc/female01/answer"..string.format("%02d", val)..".wav")) end