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Displays elements in a horizontal or vertical list. A scrollbar is automatically shown if necessary.

DPanelList was succeeded in version 13 by more specialised layout elements.

We advise against using this. It may be changed or removed in a future update.
Use a combination of DIconLayout, DListLayout and DScrollPanel instead.


Derives methods, etc not listed on this page from DPanel.


DPanelList:AddItem( Panel pnl, string state = "nil" )
Adds a existing panel to the end of DPanelList.
Removes all items.
Enables/creates the vertical scroll bar so that the panel list can be scrolled through.
table DPanelList:GetItems()
Returns all panels has added by DPanelList:AddItem
number DPanelList:GetPadding()
Returns offset of list items from the panel borders set by DPanelList:SetPadding
number DPanelList:GetSpacing()
Returns distance between list items set by DPanelList:SetSpacing
DPanelList:InsertAtTop( Panel insert, string strLineState )
DPanelList:SetPadding( number Offset )
Sets the offset of the lists items from the panel borders
DPanelList:SetSpacing( number Distance )
Sets distance between list items