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  NPC:DropWeapon( Weapon weapon = nil, Vector target = nil, Vector velocity = nil )


Forces the NPC to drop the specified weapon.


1 Weapon weapon = nil
Weapon to be dropped. If unset, will default to the currently equipped weapon.
2 Vector target = nil
If set, launches the weapon at given position. There is a limit to how far it is willing to throw the weapon. Overrides velocity argument.
3 Vector velocity = nil
If set and previous argument is unset, launches the weapon with given velocity. If the velocity is higher than 400, it will be clamped to 400.


A console command that makes all NPCs on the map throw their weapons at the player who executed the console command

concommand.Add( "dropall",function( ply ) for id, ent in ipairs( ents.GetAll() ) do if ( ent:IsNPC() ) then -- Some NPCs on some maps delete their weapons when the weapon is dropped, we don't want that. ent:SetKeyValue( "spawnflags", ent:GetSpawnFlags(), bit.bnot( SF_NPC_NO_WEAPON_DROP ) ) ) ent:DropWeapon( nil, ply:GetPos() ) end end end )