Garry's Mod Wiki


  any collectgarbage( string action = "collect", number arg )


Executes the specified action on the garbage collector.


1 string action = "collect"
The action to run.

Valid actions are collect, stop, restart, count, step, setpause and setstepmul.

2 number arg
The argument of the specified action, only applicable for step, setpause and setstepmul.


1 any
If the action is count this is the number of kilobytes of memory used by Lua. If the action is step this is true if a garbage collection cycle was finished.

If the action is setpause this is the previous value for the GC's pause. If the action is setstepmul this is the previous value for the GC's step.


The current floored dynamic memory usage of Lua, in kilobytes.

print( collectgarbage( "count" ) )