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  net.WriteString( string string )


Appends a string to the current net message. The size of the written data is 8 bits for every ASCII character in the string + 8 bits for the null terminator.

The maximum allowed length of a single written string is 65532 characters. (aka the limit of the net message itself)


1 string string
The string to be sent.

The input will be terminated at the first null byte if one is present. See net.WriteData if you wish to write binary data.


Sends a message to all the clients.

-- Server util.AddNetworkString( "SendMessage" ) net.Start( "SendMessage" ) net.WriteString( "Hello World!" ) net.Broadcast() -- Client net.Receive( "SendMessage", function( len ) local message = net.ReadString() chat.AddText( color_white, message ) end )