Garry's Mod Wiki


  CUserCmd:SetViewAngles( Angle viewAngle )


Sets the direction the client wants to move in.

For human players, the pitch (vertical) angle should be clamped to +/- 89° to prevent the player's view from glitching.
For fake clients (those created with player.CreateNextBot), this functionally dictates the 'move angles' of the bot. This typically functions separately from the colloquial view angles. This can be utilized by CUserCmd:SetForwardMove and its related functions.


1 Angle viewAngle
New view angles.


Locks the player's view to only vertical movement.

hook.Add("InputMouseApply", "LockToPitchOnly", function( ccmd, x, y, angle ) -- By leaving angle.roll and angle.yaw alone, we effectively lock them angle.pitch = math.Clamp( angle.pitch + y / 50, -89, 89 ) ccmd:SetViewAngles( angle ) return true end)