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Mounting Content

Mounting Content

How to include content, such as maps, textures, etc. from Counter-Strike, Team Fortress, and others on your server or tools.

Mount Config

Instructs Garry's Mod to scan the specified folders, mount any sub-folders & VPK files.

This also works for tools, such as the Hammer editor.


This config is located at /garrysmod/cfg/mount.cfg

"mountcfg" { "cstrike" "C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Counter-Strike Source Dedicated Server\cstrike" "tf" "C:/mytf2server/tf" }
Note that Linux file paths are case-sensitive.

Key Names

GMod will mark any games you specified as mounted.

Example : tf , cstrike , episodic

This affects the IsMounted global and subsequently
tells addons which games are / aren't mounted.

This method will also allow you to mount games
and folder addons into the Hammer Editor.

Depots Config

Instructs Garry's Mod which installed games it should attempt to mount.

It doesn't actually matter if the games are present or not.

Missing or Corrupt

If you are experiencing one of the following cases, you should
compare your config to the defaults shown in the next section.

  • Connected clients are unable to spawn Hunters / NPCs from HL:S

  • Addons complain about missing game content that is installed

  • Spawning the Jalopy doesn't do anything


You may need to create this file yourself at /garrysmod/cfg/mountdepots.txt

"gamedepotsystem" { "cstrike" "1" "hl1" "1" "hl1_hd" "1" "hl2" "1" "hl2mp" "1" "episodic" "1" "ep2" "1" "lostcoast" "1" }