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A transparent gray speech bubble panel made up of a rounded box and point coming from the bottom.

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Derives methods, etc not listed on this page from DPanel.


DBubbleContainer:OpenForPos( number x, number y, number w, number h )
Sets the speech bubble position and size along with the dialog point position.


Creates a bubble container panel in the middle of the screen. The background DPanel is used to allow better control of the dialog point position.

--Background panel BGPanel = vgui.Create("DPanel") BGPanel:SetSize(300, 170) BGPanel:Center() BGPanel:SetDrawBackground(false) -- The bubble container local DBubbleContainer = vgui.Create("DBubbleContainer", BGPanel) -- Set the dialog point 50 units from the left and make the entire bubble 280x150 pixels. DBubbleContainer:OpenForPos(50, 0, 280, 150)


Creates a panel with Bill from Left 4 Dead talking through a speech bubble.

-- Image of Bill local dimg = vgui.Create("DImage") dimg:SetPos(0, ScrH()-512) dimg:SetImage("spawnicons/models/survivors/survivor_namvet_128.png") dimg:SizeToContents() -- Determine placement of bubble container based on image dimensions local dimg_x, dimg_y = dimg:GetPos() local dimg_w, dimg_h = dimg:GetSize() dimg_x = dimg_x + dimg_w/2 dimg_y = dimg_y + dimg_h/2.5 -- Bubble container size local bubble_w, bubble_h = 150, 100 -- Create bubble container local bubble = vgui.Create("DBubbleContainer") -- Open it over Bill image bubble:OpenForPos(dimg_x, dimg_y+bubble_h-32, bubble_w, bubble_h) -- Add text to bubble local lbl = vgui.Create("DLabel", bubble) lbl:SetPos(5, 5) lbl:SetSize(150, 50) lbl:SetWrap(true) lbl:SetFont("GModNotify") lbl:SetText("Does this example get the point across?") lbl:SetDark(true)